Wednesday, January 24, 2007


"Flying", 2006, mixed medium, © Fujiko Isomura

Small size experimental piece for the C-Note Show at the San Diego Art Institute.

Metal leaf, acrylics, crayon, and glue with gritters.
There are two chubby blue birds flying in the magical sky...

Please click the image to see the larger view.


Katherine said...

Hi Fujiko

I like the color and texture of this piece. Is this on paper? (just a short trial post for my first time.

Fujiko said...

Hi, Katherine!

Yes, this is on paper but has a vertical lines underneath which you can see through. The indentation of the lines are not obious or raised a lot, however, metal leaf picked it up and once I started to add pigments on the surface, the lines appeared even more.

The orange-brown-reddish colors are from the cupper leaf underneath of all the acryl colors and they do look shine but not on this image. That is a down side of using a metal leaf. Reproductio is very tricky.

I also created circular patterned by scrattching the metal surface with a pin like tool.

Katherine said...

Oh, that sounds great -- I like the idea of the circular pattern created on the metal surface. that reminds me a little of how I use the acrylic medium to create a texture before I paint.

Its great that you are online now -- I sent an email about posting to the blog . . . just a minute ago.

Fujiko Isomura said...

Hi, Katherine. Oh dear, my English on comments is not great. I need to check my spel before I lave my comment but this system does not come with one...

That is right. You do create texture on your paintings. Sometimes I also use gesso or acryl medium to raise the surface before I lay the metal leaf. It does create an interesting surface texture that way. And then it would be fun when I add some transparent acrylic on top of it.