Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Job well done!

I originally created this image for the online holiday greeting art.

Recently I have created the physical version that is printed the image onto a watercolor paper with ink jet ink and finished it with metal leaf, watercolor, and colored pencils as I normally do for my regular artwork.

The second image is the direct scan from this physical piece.

The image below is the close up image of the physical piece.
Please click the images to see the larger versions!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fujiko

This is a great image, full of symbolism--your statement for the online holiday greeting is really interesting (everyone viewing this should click on the link and read it!)

I keep looking at the three different images trying to understand the differences but I am having trouble figuring out where the watercolor and color pencil are used. I am sure in the original it is obvious, but I can't see it. Can you tell me a certain place to compare? I like the idea of combining computer tools and multiple prints with original hand worked areas.

What program are you using to do the collage and drawing? Do you have Curtis photograph your face at a certain angle to fit the pose? The perspective gives an omniscient view looking down on the scene.

Fujiko Isomura said...


(I did send this image to you as the online Christmas holiday greeting but I added the statement of the image after the New Year's so you must have missed it till now! I am glad that now you did find it out!!!

Normally I do not explain about my artwork because I love to hear what other people think of it first. But for this image since it was only existed online at that time, I thought I should go ahead and write about it and share it with people virtually.

I am glad that people like you do enjoy reading it!!)

Watercolor and colored pencils sections aren't easy to be recognized... Come to think of it, that is how I work on my art to make these sections look not so obvious (especially the colored pencils sections... I think using colored pencils does not sound impressive for some reasons.) They are mainly enhancing the color of the printed images. Some parts under the specific light, you would see the flat shiny surface if it is colored penciled firmly (?). Watercolor sections are less easy to be recognized unless I leave the brush marks.

The red kimono I am wearing is enhanced with the colored pencils. Cider tree leaves (spikes?) were water colored over the printed image. The dark outline of my figure is also water colored.

On this image, printed Santa came out dark and rough. He did not look healthy. So I had to work on him. Watercolor did not bring out the colors but darkened so I used colored pencils to lighten it out and gave some textures. But, it is almost impossible to see it on this CG scanned image... I now wonder if this comparison between three images means much...

I am using the Photoshop for creating the base image in the computer. And yes, I ask Curtis to shoot my face with a digital camera.